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All of our Newsletters are build from scratch, meaning we started with a pencil and a blank piece of paper. Every action we took to create this Template is because of a good reason. This is unique, no robotic copy/paste stuff here. We actually love what we do.

Some quotes we really appreciate:

“Love it! Super professional!” ~ BroOf“Bookmarked! The one of the best email template.” ~ kaixer

Thunder Express in a nutshell:

This e-mail Template has multiple purposes. It is recommend to use it as a showcase of your best products through email. But also to show off tutorials, articles, news, photography. It is also highly compatible with the iPhone and iPad. And just like Clearmail, the Thunder Express Template is build out of several Modules. Each Module contains images and content. These Modules are easy to paste below each other with our own made Easy Module Copier V.1.2. From now of on, creating your custom mailing is childs play.

Awesome! So what is included?

- 6 Powerful pre-made Templates. Each with it’s own purpose.- A Custom Template, so you can create your own Newsletter- Our Easy Module Copier V.1.2 - 8 Modules to play with. There’s NO limit on how many modules you can paste below each other!- Photoshop Files, such as the header but also the Layout Template.- How to use the Easy Module Copier 1.2 Video- Documentation of the Thunder Express Mailing

Interesting to know:

- Aimed for a Modern and Clean look and feel.- Commented Code.- Flexible Mailing and Caption heights.- Browser and Device Comptatible.- Easy Module Copier has specially been created for you.- Kevin captured a How to use the Easy Module Copier 1.2 video.

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